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How to choose the right ring or bracelet size ?

How to measure your finger size ?

For rings, if you can't try them on, just href="https://adrienmoniquet.co/products/baguier" title="Ringmaker">order our ringmaker which you will receive at home to measure with the highest accuracy and check your finger size.
We will refund you its amount on your next ring order !

Otherwise, you can wrap a seamstress' tape measure around the finger that will wear the ring, at the phalanx (i.e. where the finger is strongest).

Beware, your fingers swell at the end of the day or in summer due to the heat, take this into account!

Another method consists in measuring very precisely the inner diameter of a ring whose size is usually convenient for you and to refer to the following table :

Inside ring diameter Corresponding size
14,96 mm 47
15,28 mm 48
15,6 mm 49
15,92 mm 50
16,24 mm 51
16,55 mm 52
16,87 mm 53
17,19 mm 54
17,51 mm 55
17,83 mm 56
18,15 mm 57
18,46 mm 58
18,78 mm 59
19,1 mm 60
19,42 mm 61
19,74 mm 62

If your size is not indicated, you can consult us for a custom order.

How to measure your wrist size?

For bracelets, take the measurement around your wrist in centimeters using a tape measure, which you will wrap without too tightly, placing it just above the wrist bone.

With this measurement, refer to the list of options of Wrist circumference of the desired bracelet, which indicates a range of dimensions.
For the notion of a more or less tight fit, it is a question of style or taste, in this case it is best to contact us.

The most common wrist turns are between 14 and 20 cm.

The advice of our saleswoman

And of course, in case of doubt or for any useful information, Claire will be happy to advise you.
Contact +33 4 90 93 09 77 from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM and from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

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