Bijoux argent été

First signs

For me the summer in the south of France is first and foremost the cicadas. From their first "noisy appearance", I am happy. They will faithfully accompany us throughout the summer period ...
The cicada that I am creating for you, I have carefully cut it out of a solid silver plate. It is a little complicated to produce because of its small size, but it will be a must to wear all summer long on a colored cord. I can't wait to present you this new jewel very soon...

Solid silver bracelet Adrien Moniquet

The beautiful days for silver jewellery

In the summer season, it's the right time to wear jewellery and especially to show it off !
Silver goes perfectly with bronze coloured skins. The contrast enhances this pure and precious metal, whose hue warms up in the sun, the reflections of the water come to shimmer in it and the eyes stop...
It is a time when the arms are more exposed, one can then be tempted by the subtle art of the accumulation of bracelets and the mismatched.
All that will be left to do is to associate these original jewels with your light clothes to get a chic and trendy look...

Club 55 Ramatuelle

A pendant that plays

I remember childhood games where we thought we were Indians with a Parisian friend who came to visit us for the holidays. We were then free, "Redskins" escaped in the hill between Mouriès and Maussane. Armed with bows and arrows, we played the role of our lives.
In order to revive these sweet memories, I wanted to make a feather that I cold forged, taking care not to hammer in the center and thus "draw" a central stop. This is how you can find it in the new collection in pendant and in earrings.

It is surely through all these moments of communion with nature that it has become so important for me today. It is found in my work, it has inspired many of my creations and it also gives rhythm to my free time.

And earrings that dance

Summer earrings, I can't tell you why, but I imagine them a little longer than the rest of the year, and with movement, just like the Rosanna earrings with a small simple knot or these ones that evoke wings...

Pendentifs argent Plumes

The heat, the dry

It's the Red Zone alert in the Alpilles Massif. A spark would turn our little paradise into a vegetable torch. We're stuck in the shade, it's not the time to get agitated or to fight. We have to wait for a lull in the temperatures which arrives towards the end of the day. Luckily, silver jewellery is cold forging!
Between the workshop and our shop, there are only two small kilometers, which I always ride my bike. If I have to make this trip in the heat wave, I first have to dip my cap in ice water to get to the center of Maussane-les-Alpilles.

Bracelet Charlaine se prélasse au bord de la piscine

La Plage d'Argent

Every summer, I try to get away at least for two nights on the Porquerolles Island . It's one of my favorite places. It's an island in the Mediterranean Sea off Hyères, where cars are forbidden, and nature is a real sanctuary, it's a botanical conservatory, the beaches and coasts are beautiful, the underwater life is protected, it's a paradise!

This island breathes inspiration, and I always come back with new sketches and jewelry ideas. By the way, what do you think of the new Sardine cord bracelet?

Silver Sardine Cord

The longest days

After a good creative session at the workshop, I also try during the summer evenings to go for a bike ride -yes, I'm also passionate about bikes!- in Aureille or in the Vallée des Baux de Provence when the temperature is a little bit lower.
I like to feel the almost stifling heat coming out of the asphalt and the smell of pine trees emanating along these small roads that criss-cross the Alpilles and the Provencal countryside.
Nothing like this to end a beautiful day.

Adrien on his bike in the Alpilles

Time for festivities

It's the Fête du Temps Retrouvé which closes the summer season in beauty. It is a very pleasant local festivity which brings together all the old trades of the beginning of the last century and our village of Maussane finds, the time of one day, its fantasized atmosphere of yesteryear.
During this event, the shop, located in the center of the village, is part of the party. Claire and I dressed up and I made some sketches in front of the public who could discover the artisanal gestures of the silver jeweller's work.

Fête du Temps Retrouvé Maussane

It's time to enjoy

I can imagine, here we are, it's 7 P.M., a little cold water shower to soothe the bite of the sun by the pool, you find a light suit and you'll be able to go outside to continue enjoying your sweet holiday.
You, madam, elegantly wear a thin ring such as the Charlotte or maybe even the Charlaine and you sir, a bracelet-cord Charlaine.

Bague Charlaine en argent massif

And here you are in good company on this little square, under the century-old plane trees, waiting for the crickets to take over from the cicadas, time suspends its flight to enjoy the simple pleasures of life...

Welcome to the Alpilles.


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