Inspiration and creation

Fils d’argent massif création de bijoux

How I create jewelry?

The first of the inspirations is obviously the one that comes from the one with whom I learned the silver jeweler, my grandfather Jacques.

When I worked for him, younger and not yet very confident, I was very far from imagining that I would be able to create like him. I really thought I was going to spend my career reproducing his jewelry models, without being able to imagine others. But in the end it didn't go as planned...

The first steps

At first, when I opened my own store in Maussane-les-Alpilles, a lot of similarities could be felt between his work and mine.

As time went by, with time, encounters, travels and experiences that I lived, many new things ended up happening. Then, with confidence, I dared to go ahead, to really listen to my feelings and experiment, even if it meant missing a piece of jewelry and having it sent back to the foundry.

And now, after eight years as a self-employed jeweler-creator, I can produce at least one novelty per day in the workshop without premeditation. I am sometimes frustrated not to be able to show you all of them before selling them in the boutique.

The workshop

The workshop is where it all happens. Strangely enough, I never think about jewelry when I'm not at work.

But fortunately, all I have to do is walk in and find myself in front of a simple piece of silver wire for inspiration.

In the end my approach is very intuitive. Little or no sketches, just silver threads that I freely form as good (and beautiful!) as I see fit. I assume. I believe that this spontaneity, the poet René Char called it "fulgurance" when it came to writing. I like the definition of this word: " Is said of something having the brilliance, the brightness as well as the speed of lightning ".

If my silver jewelry could produce this effect, then I would be truly accomplished.

Cold forge hammer

Calder, an inspiring artist

Alexandre Calder is perhaps one of the only artists who has served as a model for me. He is a very great American sculptor and painter of the 20th century, who also created a lot of forged jewelry.

Like him, I always tried to be satisfied with the minimum of tools and to avoid the use of welding. I wanted to pay homage to him with the Silver earrings Alexandre, which are inspired by his mobiles.

You may have noticed it for my bracelets, they all have a clasp. So they open and close on the wrist. This particularity is only technically possible if the metal is cold forged, we say that it is then hardened. This hardening makes the metal harder and it becomes elastic ... It's a bit magical, but it is also a sign of the quality I like to bring to my work.

Concerning the bracelets, my obsession is moreover to invent new ways to make two pieces of elastic metal join together, gently, for a long time and above all in beauty!

More than anything else, it is rings that I prefer to make because there is not this delicate "problem" of closure that can take a long time to make it work perfectly.

I admit that it is earrings that give me the most trouble. Shaping one, remains relatively simple, but it takes two, and identical as you can imagine...


All my jewelry is solid silver, I do not use any other metal, nor precious stones. I love the challenge of making a jewel using only the material and nothing else. I think my style is affected.

A silver jewel takes shape

The art of randomness

What is also interesting is the part of chance that comes into play in many creations. Indeed, how many times I have an order to fulfill, the thread is too big or too small and a new model is born!

Sometimes it is enough to twist the thread, give a hammer blow to the right rather than to the center and here is another interesting thing that happens in our hands.

You have to know how to accept "mistakes" and remain open to the other possibilities they can generate. This is also what craftsmanship is all about.

A silver idea has taken flight

Infinite possibilities

One of my "flaws" is that when I have to shape a piece of jewelry for an order, I very regularly have another idea, and have to drop my work to immerse myself in the new one. I have the impression that if I let go of this creation that is being born before my eyes, it will disappear forever. This feeling is sometimes dizzying, but I find it more and more stimulating. The result seems more and more satisfying to me, and your favorable feedback encourages me to follow this path.

At the same time, I decided to launch an exceptional Un sur Un collection: jewels created in a single piece, more technical and longer to manufacture, which will allow me to push back my limits in terms of imagination but also those of the material.

With a little hindsight, I think that my current creations are only evolutions of my past work. And probably the fruit of lived moments or sensations, my Provençal environment.

The fact of working manually, without any tool of reproduction such as cast iron and casts. allows me to create endlessly. I hope that we will be lost there for a long time together !


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