Ma vie, au quotidien

Ma vie, au quotidien

December 3 2020

J’ai choisi d’axer ma vie sur deux directions que j’essaye de faire au mieux, mon travail et ma passion pour le cyclisme. Étant concentré sur quasiment ces deux seuls piliers je peux m’y investir totalement.

Fils d’argent massif création de bijoux

Inspiration and creation

August 22 2020

The first of the inspirations is of course the one that comes from the one with whom I learned the trade, my grandfather.

When I worked for him, I never imagined that I would be able to do the same. I really thought I was going to spend my career reproducing these models without being able to imagine others. But it didn't all go as planned...

Entretien des bijoux en argent

How do I clean and care for my silver jewellery?

July 19 2020

It is a question that comes up very often and that is normal. Indeed, it can happen that when silver jewellery is left for a while, it can oxidize. This is a normal and natural phenomenon that does not alter the quality of Adrien Moniquet's jewellery in any way.

On the other hand, if you wear them regularly, your silver jewelry will naturally take on a patina. 

Here are the advices to follow for their maintenance.

Bijoux argent été


June 20 2020
What represents summer in my region of southern France is first and foremost the cicadas. From their first appearance in the Alpilles, I am happy. They will faithfully accompany us throughout this summer... a season that has inspired some of the silver jewellery I have created for you...
Adrien Moniquet bijoutier d’argent

My little story

June 2 2020
Being a jeweler is a natural thing for me. Indeed, my grandfather, Jacques MONIQUET, will remain as a true model.
After two successive failures to bachelor degree, my grandfather came to look for me, to save me...

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